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By the age of five he had his first car, a Mercedes sedan. Yes it was a partly burned relic of the war but it was still cool. He and his friends also owned a merry go round that started life as an anti aircraft gun.

As a small boy he could be found drawing pictures of Buicks on the steps of the American Embassy where he befriended one of the chauffeurs. On occasion when the chauffeur had to pickup a VIP, Steve would ask to ride along in the beautiful Buick, and the usual reply was "I can take you, but I can't bring you back." That often meant a long walk back.

In November of 1956 the Hungarian Revolt was crushed by the Russian tanks and on the day before Christmas at the age of fourteen, Steve as a young refugee, crossed the border into Austria alone. " I got into a little trouble" he said.

As fate would have it a close relative was a professor at the University of Cincinnati, and the couple invited Steve to become a newly adopted son and come to live in the land of Buicks. English came as a third language fairly easily and of course all through high school the love of drawing cars remained. After graduating from high school he joined the Army's 101st Airborne Division, partly because jumping sounded like fun, and the extra jump pay could be saved for tuition at the Art Center College , where he could learn to be a real car designer.

After four years at Art Center, Chuck Jordan hired Steve as a junior designer at GM Styling and assigned him to work in the Buick Studio! He actually got paid for drawing Buicks. Regals, GSs, Rivieras, Grand Nationals and many others.

Eventually he became an Assistant Chief Designer before striking out on his own to pursue his dream to have his own auto design business, Advanced Automotive Technologies.

In the year 2000 he had the opportunity to design and build a show car that represented the character of Buick through its history. It was a wild tire smoking retractable top convertible called the Buick Blackhawk .The car was featured in many magazines, but the most meaningful moment came at the Woodward Cruise when a young boy stopped by the car and asked: "Hey mister, that is a really neat car, can I have a ride?" With a smile Steve answered : " I can take you, but I can't bring you back."

Steve's unique style of opaque watercolor combined with mixed media captures the subject vehicle at its most advantageous form, bringing together artistic beauty with fine, tight details. This style was developed over the 22 years that Steve worked at General Motors Design. "It shows off the true form and the character of the vehicle and it allows the eye to focus on the vehicle entirely without a confusing background" says Pasteiner. "It proved to be the best way to propose a design to upper management."

"I also enjoy very much painting in acrylic on canvas. It allows for a more dynamic presentation of the vehicle showing movement and grace. It allows you as an artist, to capture the excitement and speed of racing and motion in a more flowing style without the tight details. You can let your self go and let your emotions take over."
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