Project Cars :: Buick Blackhawk
The 2000 Buick Blackhawk was designed and built for General Motors to emphasize Buick's heritage of distinctive design and outstanding power and as a celebration of Buick's 100 year anniversary in 2003. The Blackhawk is a 2-plus-2 convertible with a retractable carbon fiber top and a steel body.
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Blackhawk Specifications:

Fuel Injected Buick 455 V8
463 horsepower / 510 lb-ft torque
Wheelbase: 129 inches
Length: 204 inches
Weight: 3600 lb. 50/50 distribution
BFG 295/35ZR 18 295/45ZR18 Fikse 5 spoke wheels 18X10 Baer/Alcan 13.5" drilled brakes
0-60 mph in 4.9 seconds

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