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1953 Commemorative Edition Car Covers now available

Advanced Automotive Technologies has partnered with Covercraft Industries, the largest manufacture of custom-patterned automotive covers in the world, to develop a custom fitting car cover for the 1953 Commemorative Editions. These covers are proudly made in the USA and are made from the highest quality materials available.

Covers are available for either indoor or outdoor protection. There is also a link to Covercraft website explaining the different materials, fabrics, and polymers used in making Covercraft covers the best in the world.

Indoor Cover

Dustop "Soft as Flannel" tm

Softest against fine paint finishes and almost totally dustproof.
4 layer construction.

Available colors: Taupe color only.

4 year warranty

Indoor Cover

Form-Fit tm

Body hugging Polyester knit with Spandex (tp provide stretch and recovery), finished on the inside with 100% cotton terry loop that's been sheared to a luxurious soft fleece finish. Form fit covers will pamper the finish, while following every curve of the body, with a truly custom fit.

Available colors: Red, Hunter Green, Charcoal Gray, Dark Blue, Silver Gray, and Black

4 year warranty


Outdoor Cover

Weathershield "The ultimate in all-weather protection."

Made from durable woven polyester (naturally moisture and UV resistant) and finished with Covercrafts patented Nextec encapsulation technology.

  • Fabric sheds water as soon as it hits the cover
  • Superior dry time
  • Breathable
  • UV Resistant
  • Dust Proof
  • Superior Paint Finish Protection: fabrics silky smooth finish is actually less abrasive than flannel!
  • Light weight and compact

Available colors: Black, Red, Yellow, Bright Blue, Green, Light Blue, Taupe, and Gray

4 year warranty


Outdoor Cover

Weathershield Multi-color

Same great features as the Weathershield but allows you to customize your cover by incorporate your choice of 2 different colors. (Top : hood / roof / deck) one color, the two sides a different color.

Available colors: Black, Red, Yellow, Bright Blue, Green, Light Blue, Taupe, and Gray (Red and Gray shown above)

4 year warranty

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