Project Cars :: LaSalle C- Hawk
This custom LaSalle C-Hawk was inspired by the classic styling of the 1939 LaSalle, one of Harley Earl's favorite cars. Redesigned with proportions of a modern automobile, the car is truly stunning. It is a hand-crafted all-steel car with custom tube frame and a retractable hardtop offering affordable elegance with the top up and sports car adventure with the top down. The look is supported by the performance of a fuel injected and supercharged 556hp Cadillac LSA engine, 6-speed automatic transmission and custom Borla exhaust. The C-Hawk also features air conditioning, custom designed billet wheels, power windows, C4 Corvette suspension with DANA 44 rear end, Dakota digital instrumentation, hidden headlights, GPS and sound system. This vehicle was designed by Steve Pasteiner and was built by his company Advanced Automotive Technologies. This is the same company that designed and built the Buick Blackhawk for GM.

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